Long have the final Havens watched the decay of life in their world, succumbing to the Smog outside of their protective Life Bubbles. If nothing is done, the Smog will become so powerful, not even a Life Bubble can combat it. All will cease to exist. Only the Smog and Impurities shall remain. You are a Giver. Your job, as the Givers before you, is to take plant life from one Haven to another, to help their Life Bubbles grow. A tiny final beacon of hope for saving the inhabitants of the world.

You, however, were chased off your path and awaken not knowing where you are, or where the closest Haven is. But your mission is too dire to give up now. Every plant has the important task of helping the next settlement grow. The fate of an entire Haven is in the little seed you're holding.

So, with its help, you press on.

This game was developed by an international team of 6 during the week-long Women in Games Jam (in collaboration with Into Games) as part of the Women in Games Global Festival 2021. Voice of A Seed was awarded Best Art during the judging. The theme was "Atmosphere". 

Voice of a Seed was updated for the Buddy Up Jam 2021 with the theme "Fresh Starts" and reframed the world-building and dialogue to suit this theme. 

The game is still in production and will be planned to be finished by early 2022.

WASD or Arrow Keys for movement [1] [2] [3] to select shield type
to pause game Space Bar to active shield

Alina Q
Sabrina W
Game & Level Designer
Aoife G
@EggstraWaffles // Website
Graphic Designer
Ami C
@amiycai_ // Website
Writer & Producer
Ave K
@calamitydev_ // Website
Game Artist
Erica L
@EricaLeeArt // Website

This game uses these sounds from Freesound.org licensed under CC BY 3.0:


Voice of A Seed Windows.zip 54 MB
Voice of A Seed Mac.zip 63 MB


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Wowww, this is beautiful! I really enjoyed playing it and, as someone who struggled with dialogue boxes this jam, I very much appreciate how well-programmed yours are! 



<3 <3 <3


What a lovely project!!


Thank you, Leaf Let!!


This game looks very cute! And I'm very excited to play through it fully. I had to set it down after the first few attempts though. I wasn't sure how to deal with the initial few enemies. The first one I just held up my shield and walked past, but the second one seemed impossible to get past until it disappeared, although I'm not sure if it was supposed to disappear or not. However, I was finally able to get past the third enemy, but when the charcter sat down to rest, it faded to black, and it never came back. Although I don't think that was the end. The art style and music are phenomenal. The story is compelling and I'm intrigued to see where it goes! The mechanics could use a little clarification and polish. Overall though, it's a great little project! Amazing work!


Hi Curtis! Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback :) We had a few bugs with the enemies / mechanics and the level transition that we unfortunately weren't able to sort out before the jam deadline but we will be polishing this game after the jam judging so please come back to check out level 2 and 3 if you're interested! 


I am very interested! I've been there myself with not having enough time to tackle nasty bugs during a game jam. The amount you were able to get done is extremely impressive! So great work to everyone! Can't wait to see more. 


Hey Curtis!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and feedback. Echoing ExtraWaffles, we had a little bit of a hiccup but we'll be releasing a more polished version after the jam! <3